System kontroli zużycia paliwa i bunkrowania INSATECH

A Trustworthy and Competent System Supplier for More than 25 Years

Insatech Marine works hard at being your trustworthy and competent partner. With more than 25 years of experience in the field focused on automation and instrumentation, our marine experts have established longstanding partnerships with some of the world’s leading manufacturers within instrumentation and automation, which means we are able to provide you with a global service.

Field Tested and Proven Solutions Enabling You to Save Money

At Insatech Marine our continuous strive for viable and ideal solutions has allowed us to gather valuable experience and understanding of the maritime industry. We therefor offer you field tested and proven solutions that meet rules and regulations – and help you save money.

Insatech Marine would like to introduce you to a small sample of our proven performance optimising solutions:

Page-1-Image-2The Fuel Consumption System (FCoS) will provide you with real time data of immediate fuel consumption on a range of consumers. Knowledge is the key, and as your crew understand what internal and external influences will have an effect on the vessel’s fuel consumption, you are able to implement the most cost-effective optimisation projects. This insight will improve your fuel utilisation and result in fuel savings.

The Performance Monitoring System (PMoS)
helps you optimise your operational performance and will assist you in evaluating the effect of any optimization projects or initiatives, and is therefore a valuable tool when assessing your vessel’s energy efficiency plan (SEEMP). Insatech Marine recommends simplifying your decision making process by creating a valid baseline with real-time accurate data and optimise your operation at the same time.

asdasdThe Bunker Management System (BMaS) is a safeguard that ensures you get the amount of bunker you paid for. The system uses Coriolis based mass flow meters that prevents exploitation of known uncertainties regarding volumetric based measurements as well as unintentional or intentional attempts to manipulate the marine fuel. In June 2013, the system helped detect a short delivery of 53.3 metric tons, equivalent of USD 31,980 which, for the operator, meant the system was paid back in only two bunker operations.

Installation, commissioning, training, service and maintenance is a big part of Insatech Marine’s business, and our skilled and experienced technicians are ready to ensuring as little downtime for you as possible, whether it be for installing a new system, performing service and maintenance on an existing installation or troubleshooting either on board or remotely.

Page-2-Image-5If you want to learn more about Insatech Marine, our solutions and services visit our webpage or contact our agent Trent on +48 91 4347 278 or Insatech directly at +45 5537 2095.